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The two treatments aren’t interchangeable When discussing issues of wrinkles and slowing the signs of aging, we often recommend asking your surgeon about the possible benefits of injectables like Botox or facial fillers. While it’s true that both are treatments … Continue reading

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Are both wrinkle-removers made equal? If you’re familiar with the lives and careers of Hollywood starlets like Marlene Dietrich, Raquel Welch, or Joan Crawford, you’re also probably familiar with “Frownies” – adhesive strips meant to pull back wrinkles on the … Continue reading

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FDA advises consumers on spotting the difference Botox is popular choice among patients looking to slow the signs of aging partly because of how how quickly and easily the procedure can be undergone, compared to more invasive alternatives. But Botox … Continue reading

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Second time’s the charm! Facial procedures have been on the rise in 2012, and are on their way to becoming the new ‘breast augmentation.’ More people than ever are seeking out face rejuvenating treatments, ranging from Botox, injectable fillers like … Continue reading

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