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Chemical Peel Philadelphia (deep)

A deep chemical peel is a treatment for moderate to severe sun damage, scars or coarse wrinkles. Dr. Rosen chooses a special chemical solution that gets applied to the face, removing the outermost layers of damaged skin. The strongest of these chemical peels are made with phenol, a powerful but well tolerated substance. For a peel with moderate depth, TCA (trichloarecetic acid) may be recommended.

Deep Chemical Peels Can Treat These Problems

  • Prominent facial wrinkles, scars, or lines
  • Blotchy skin, sun damage, freckles
  • Some precancerous growths
  • Blemishes and pigment problems

Your Deep Chemical Peel in Philadelphia – The Procedure

You will need to meet with Dr. Rosen to determine if a chemical peel is the right treatment. Because of the risk of pigment changes, a deep peel may not be recommended for you if you have darker skin.

A deep chemical peel can take 20 minutes to an hour. It is usually applied only on the face, whereas a light peel may treat the chest and neck. First the skin is cleansed thoroughly. Then your surgeon or aesthetician applies the solution evenly. You may feel a slight stinging sensation as the solution is applied but you will adjust to it quickly.

What to Expect After a Deep Chemical Peel

After a deep Chemical peel Philadelphia, you will probably need to arrange for assistance during the initial recovery period. Your activities will be limited. It’s best to relax for a few days as the skin heals. There will be some swelling and a crust will form over the treated area. New skin will emerge in about 1 week and your face will fade from a red to pinkish color. Sun protection is very important during this time. When healing is complete, expect a noticeable improvement in the surface of your skin – you’ll have fewer wrinkles, blemishes and a more even skin tone.

Possible Side Effects of a Deep Chemical Peel

With a deep peel like phenol, your skin may lose its ability to make pigment. There may be uneven pigment changes and freckles may be permanently removed.

Alternatives to the Deep Chemical Peel

To treat acne scars and uneven skin texture, dermabrasion may be recommended as an alternative to the deep chemical peel.

Contact our cosmetic surgery Philadelphia practice to learn more about deep chemical peels and the other alternative treatments we offer.


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Dr. Brent R. Rosen

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