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Earlobe Repair Philadelphia

Earlobe repair Philadelphia is a simple surgical procedure to repair a torn, stretched or split earlobe. A torn or split earlobe frequently occurs because of a mishap with an earring. A stretched earlobe is often seen in patients who have chosen to wear heavy earrings or intentionally altered their ears.

Indications for Earlobe Repair

  • Torn earlobe due to earring
  • Elongated earlobe
  • Lacerated earlobe

How Dr. Rosen Repairs an Earlobe

This procedure is a simple outpatient surgery under local anesthetic. The earlobe is stabilized and an incision is made, removing the skin surrounding the split to create a clean edge. Dr. Rosen places sutures to close and repair the split earlobe. The operation is usually quick and painless. Although a scar might be visible, the result is preferable to a split or stretched earlobe. Re-piercing the ear can be performed but you may be advised to wait a few months before doing so.

After Earlobe Repair: What to Expect

Dressing will cover the earlobe for several days. Minor discomfort and swelling is normal during this time. Sutures in the earlobe are removed within 2 weeks. Although it may increase the risk of recurrence, many patients decide to pierce their ears after earlobe repair. To prevent a torn earlobe, you should remove your earrings in situations that have the potential for an accident; don't wear heavy earrings for prolonged periods; be aware of children who may want to pull on your earrings; and remove earrings before removing clothing.

Related Procedures

There are many related cosmetic procedures of the ear. One of the most popular is otoplasty, which corrects protruding ears. Other procedures may be able to rejuvenate a baggy earlobe or correct congenital abnormalities of the ear. Contact Dr. Rosen Cosmetic Surgery Philadelphia to learn more about earlobe repair and these related procedures.

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