Sometimes it's a combination of a skin smoothing procedure, a facial filler, and eyelid surgery. Or, it might be chin enhancement with nasal tip refinement and correction of acne scarring. You may also find that you simply need a small change to bring your entire face into balance — more volume in your cheeks, for instance, or Botox and skin care treatments to eliminate aging dynamic lines and discoloration. More than one imperfection can often be corrected at one time.

For instance, rhinoplasty (nose refinement) is a subtle surgery that is slightly different for each patient, to bring their particular face into harmony. While the nose is re-contoured, nasal congestion and breathing problems can often be addressed at the same time, giving you both practical benefits and an improved appearance. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your goals and assist you in exploring your options for facial cosmetic surgery.

I prefer to do procedures that work. Some procedures are touted as innovative and "the newest, latest, and best," but they're not. It's not enough to come up with a new procedure, or a new skin treatment. And it's not good enough to do a procedure because it's the newest. I choose the procedures that are the best for my patient.

Dr. Rosen

I strive, when doing facial cosmetic surgery Philadelphia procedures, for a very natural look. What does this mean? That I'm looking for you - but a more harmonious, balanced, and appealing enhancement of you. Not to make you look so different that you no longer look like yourself; instead, to refine your natural features, bringing them into harmony. Sometimes, a small physical shift makes a tremendous difference in your facial appearance.

The nose is a classic example of this principle. Refining the tip of the nose has, in many instances, dramatically altered and improved a patient's appearance. Certainly there are patients who want to look significantly different and, as long as their expectations are realistic and what they want can be done safely and with an aesthetically correct outcome, I will help them attain that.

Rosen Cosmetic Surgery

Because of my background training in head and neck surgeries, I have a deep understanding of facial structure. And I know that what makes a face look beautiful and youthful is that the face is all shadows. This means that the interfaces between different elements of the face — the lines of demarcation between one feature and the next — define that feature. For instance, the border of the top lip is separate from the skin that surrounds it and that separation is what allows the shape of the top lip to be expressed visually. These lines of demarcations and the shadows of the face created by them are the reason certain faces are uniquely beautiful.

The aging process is fairly predictable. As we age, we become more flat and angular in our face, so that cheeks descend and jowls often appear.

The interfaces begin to diminish and the places on the face that delineate each feature are dulled and fade.

The shadows that highlight the clear attributes of each facial feature (lip, cheek, eyes, nose) fade, too and eventually are lost. This is what gives the face its aging appearance. A well done facelift is a combination of excision of excess skin and adding volume to the face — to bring the highlights and shadows back.

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